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2023 RORR Dual Sport
October 8th

Signup opened September 1st at 8pm EST

We will not accept entry on the day of the event.  The rider limit has been reached and any entries afterwards are put on a waiting list.  Riders who signed up and can not make it can transfer their entry to someone else using the online signup.  No refunds will be allowed within 1 week of the event.

Additional Info:   So far what we know is we still have most of the land we had last few years, with some modifications.  Start location is below, and Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.  Roughly 75 miles on main with up to 100 if you ride all options.  Morning and afternoon loops will start and end at the parking area in Pine Grove, PA. 


Please note:  This is not a big bike friendly event.  Many areas are much better suited to a enduro style bike.  Bikes should be street legal as all the connectors require using roads.  Insured with headlight, tail light, and license plate. 

Directions to the start area below

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